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Acres For Sale

5 Tips on Selling Your Farm

Are you thinking of selling your farm in northern Florida? The decision is not an easy one. You need to look into a number of details to ensure a successful sale. Consider these tips on how to get the best possible results when selling y...

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Peanut butter on bread slice shot on rustic wooden table

4 Ways to Enjoy Levy County’s Peanuts

Every year in October, the city of Williston in Levy County, FL hosts the Central Florida Peanut Festival, a day-long event celebrating one of the county’s most important crops. In the 2012 USDA Census of Agriculture, peanuts ranked as...

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American Pickup Truck

Agriculture in Alachua County: Facts and Figures

Agriculture plays a very important role in Alachua County’s economy. While it is best known as the home of the University of Florida, the county is also largely agricultural, with farms and ranches making up a significant portion of the l...

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Ranch Farm

Three keys on buying a ranch farm

Ranches hold a very special place in the American imagination. And for many, it can represent the pinnacle in real estate investing. After all, this is a property that can stand the test of time to be ultimately passed on to the next genera...

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Farm Land

Tips for finding farmland

Investing in a farm land in North Florida may be one of your most rewarding ventures. Finding the plot that suits your plans, however, can be challenging. Here are several to guide you. Set a budget Determining the budget for your N...

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The basics of starting a hobby farm

A hobby farm is a great way to use of fertile land you own. Its sole purpose can be for pleasure, but it can also be a source of additional income. Read through for tips on how you can start your own hobby farm. Do your research A s...

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