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The basics of starting a hobby farm


A hobby farm is a great way to use of fertile land you own. Its sole purpose can be for pleasure, but it can also be a source of additional income. Read through for tips on how you can start your own hobby farm.

  1. Do your research
  2. A solid plan serves as good foundation for your hobby farm. Before you do anything else, make sure you have all the information you need.

    For instance, what kind of soil does your land have? What types of crops does it support? And once you have narrowed down the plants you want to raise, what do they require to grow well?

    It could also be that you want to raise livestock. What are the structures you need? Poultry is ideal for small hobby farms, as coops don’t require as much space as barns.

  3. Start small
  4. While tending to a hobby farm can be hard work, it doesn’t need to add stress or pressure to your day. Before you build your dream hobby farm, it would not hurt to start small.

    Start with one or two crops (preferably vegetables you frequently use). If you want to focus on raising livestock, care for one species for the mean time. This way, you will have more room to learn and adjust to the needs of the plants/animals you are looking after.

    Remember: this is your hobby farm. Expand when you feel like it, and only handle what you are comfortable with.

  5. Don’t focus on making money
  6. It is true you can earn additional income from your hobby farm, but since you are only getting started, don’t think about that just yet. Instead, concentrate on establishing the building blocks of your hobby farm. Plant seeds, build the structures you need, and tend to it until it becomes productive.

    When your hobby farm bears produce, enjoy it with friends and family. After all, that is the essence of a hobby farm; doing it without the sole purpose of making money.

  7. Talk to other hobby farmers
  8. You can get scores of tips online on how to start and maintain your hobby farm. The best way to learn, however, is to talk to other hobby farmers in your area.

    You might meet some in local farmers markets. Your community might also be host to a groups or organizations dedicated to hobby farming.
    And if there are no existing clubs in your area, might as well establish your own and get friends and neighbors who are also hobby farmers to join.

    What if you are not into socializing? There are forums and communities
    online where you can talk to fellow hobby farmers.

  9. Have fun!
  10. This is a hobby farm, and you are only getting started. Do not hesitate to go with the flow. Invest only in what you are interested in, be it in focusing on growing flowers or specializing in bees. Do what you enjoy doing and take pleasure in the process.

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